You asked, SHOWTIME delivered.  With 4.75 weekly viewers for the second season of SHAMELESS and almost 3 million for the fifth (count ‘em) season of CALIFORNICATION, in addition to almost 4 million weekly viewers for the hit new comedy HOUSE OF LIES, it’s no secret that people are loving SHOWTIME’s Sunday night roster and asking for more.  So consider your prayers answered, as SHOWTIME has officially picked up new seasons of all three series!

SHAMELESS has been a hit since day one, and with season 2 pulling in 30% more viewership than season 1, expect season 3 to be even bigger, badder, and more shameless than those that came before it.  Right now we’re in the thick of Frank’s latest financial scheming while rooting for Fiona as she juggles working at a nightclub and a complicated dating life with her role as de-facto parent to the Gallagher brood.  Debbie’s taken it upon herself to run a full-fledged daycare center as Lip and Ian toy with the idea of higher education.  And let’s not forget about agoraphobic Sheila as she trots tirelessly to make it to local watering hole The Alibi Room, one sidewalk square at a time.  Season 2 is sure shaping up to be quite a doozy, so keep tuning in Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and get excited for an even more fun-filled season 3!

Debuting as the network’s second highest-rated premiere night ever, and on track to become SHOWTIME’s highest rated comedy, HOUSE OF LIES has earned its spot in the coveted Sunday night line-up and paved the way for what will be a stellar second season.  Edgy and entertaining with plot twists and character reveals galore, HOUSE OF LIES just keeps getting better episode after episode, and we here at SHOWTIME are all happy we get to welcome the pod back for season 2.  Will Galweather & Stearn be absorbed by MetroCapital?  Will Jeannie be able to keep her personal and professional lives separate much longer?  Can Marty learn to balance his role as a father with his duties as pod leader?  Will Doug ever accrue points on the road and screw Clyde at his own game?  So much is still in store for our crew of loveable (or is it loathable?) management consultants this season, and we can only imagine what kinds of hijinks the pod will create for itself come round 2! Tune-in on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT to find out!

Can anyone ever get enough Hank Moody?  OK, so maybe that’s not the best question to pose to his countless female conquests and male nemeses, but if the millions of viewers have anything to say about it, we all love a little (or rather, a lot) of Hank.  With the current season of CALIFORNICATION up 10 percent versus season 4, it’s rather clear that a world without Hank is no fun, and a Sunday night without some Cali is not complete.  This season Moody’s back in LA working with a mega-rich rap mogul, Charlie and Marcy are co-parenting their son along with Marcy’s new husband and a sexy British nanny, and women seem to keep coming out of the woodwork to tempt Hank along the way.  If season 5 is any indication, season 6 will definitely continue the CALIFORNICATION tradition of being…well…awesome. CALIFORNICATION airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

With SHAMELESS, HOUSE OF LIES, and CALIFORNICATION, Sunday night on SHOWTIME is not to be missed, and 2013 is a year worth waiting for.

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